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How Does Your Domain Name Stack Up Against These 16 Points?
Be Honest! Would You Give It a Good Grade?
Your Domain Name is costing you money UNLESS:

  • It's simple, clear, and direct.
  • It gets right to the point. No possible misunderstanding or confusion.
  • It's not cute or clever.
  • It's easy to say.
  • It's easy to spell.
  • It's easy to remember. This is a big one!
  • It's as short as possible. As free of extra words as possible, that is, "clean."
  • It's free of hyphens.
  • It's free of numbers.
  • It's free of initials.
  • It's free of abbreviations.
  • It says who you are.
  • It says where you are.
  • It says what you do.
  • It's a "dot com."
  • It's so simple... one glance and you "get it!"

Well... So How Did You Do? Find Any Room for Improvement?

I'm guessing you did. Not surprising. And nothing to feel the least bit disappointed or down on yourself about.

I mean, not really your fault. How would you have known what makes a good local domain name... and what does not... when you got it?

Look at the list! Took me a while to learn that myself!

So really... who knew? You did the best you could at the time. And you had to do it quickly and get to who knows how many other things.

You likely didn't have the time to do anything but come up with something, get it, and get on with business.

That was then. This is now!

I invite you to refine that choice and upgrade your domain name to a digital marketing asset.

Here's why this is important.

You Don't Want Anyone Looking Like This!

If a prospect spots your domain name in print... anywhere... in any form... or gets a referral... and doesn't "get the message" or can't find you quickly, easily, and without confusion, you are directing business to a competitor.

Why? They will find someone else while trying to find you... even if they need what you offer! 
"I thought it was... guess I can't remember." One click. You are history!

And can anyone tell, at a glance, what you do, who you are, and where you are? That's the difference between "I get it!" and "Huh?"

Does this happen? Does it make a difference? You bet!

It happens while driving, on the phone, or in casual conversation when somebody makes a referral... and you can't search right away!

It happens when you save a business card, coupon, newspaper ad, postcard... and then can't find it!

And it happens when "Huh?" come to mind more often than "I get it!"

Make Your Cash Register Easy to Find!

So your prospect goes to Google and says "It was something like..." and finds you! That is, if it was simple, direct, memorable, and a "dot com" in the first place. I mean, why be hard to find? Makes no sense.

A simple and memorable local domain name delivers the message clearly and helps prospects find your cash register even if they could not look you up right away.

That's the reason it's important. It makes the difference between a prospect calling you or calling someone else.

Your competitors will laugh and think it does not make much of a difference. Let them! 

Better in your cash register than someone else's. Agree?

Now You Really Didn't Expect This, But It's True!

Now you're an expert and don't know it! Who knew?

Open a new window, go to Google, and key in the name of your community and your business category.

Compare the domain names of your competitors with the list above. How many fit all or most?

You'll find some. Won't be a whole lot!

Believe it or not, you are the domain name expert in your local category. You now have a notch more marketing and online savvy than most. Well done!

Is This a Prospect... with Money to Spend... Looking for You Online?

No website yet? Not really your fault! And understandable.

If the online world is not "your thing," you might not know how to get a website quickly, easily, for not much, and without techie skills.

And so you might keep fooling yourself with "I don't need one." Right!

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Frequently Asked Questions and BONUSES

1. Isn't that a lot for a domain name?

Really? As compared to what?

Here's how to make a direct comparison. Then decide for yourself.

2. BONUS #1: How do I use this domain name? How does it make me money?

It's a digital road map leading to your cash register. "OK fine!" you say.

Then what? What do you do next?

3. BONUS #2: Is this domain name going to help me with Google?

Frankly, in the past, yes! Today, not so much!

Here's how to give Google what it wants and your visitors what they want... and everybody's happy!

4. Do people really buy domain names like this?

Well, have you ever heard of Vilfredo Pareto?

Maybe not. You have heard of what he's famous for though.

And he explains who buys a domain name like this and why.

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